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Moscow Store of Culture

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project no: -
location: Moscow, Russia
year: 2009
client: -
budget: -

This is a hypothetical project for a new cultural institution on the Moscow River which uses an active building to re-instate spiritualvalue in contemporary culture in Russia. The building is an art factory and store house which organises a huge collection of objects of cultural value in two inaccessible store towers. By taking them out of consumption and the market economy, the institution instates non-monetary value in the objects.

"Vis-a-visa putative echo/double/inverse red square across the river, the archive wall combines the defensive wall of the kremlin with lenin's tomb, turning the spatial relation inside out, and shifting attention from immortalised tyrants to creative possibilities, from monuments of the past to a matrix for renewal.

If the archipelago of institutional buildings will naturally be compared to the cupolas of St Basil's (your shot of red concrete made me wonder if you were onto something – a sort of polychrome urbanism that also constituted a metaphoric 'garden'…the way that Lina Bo Bard imade a species of civic 'garden' in the SESC building), this need not invoke art as secular-sacred – or rather, if it does, ittransforms the issue into art as vehicle of self-understanding,allowing the full range from recovered sacred through to commercial –or political – anarchy."

- Professor Peter Carl, Head of PHD Programme, LMU