Russian Book Pavillion

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project no: 1104
location: London Book Fair
year: 2011
client: Academia Rossica, London

An exhibition stand for the promotion
of contemporary Russian Publishing at the London Book Fair. The stand occupied 500m2 and included informal presentation areas, the Writers’ Lounge, forum for film screenings and discussions, book stands, secluded meeting areas and a small media centre.
We combined large scale text graphics with bold angled forms to maximised the simple design and materials palette, which put the books and speakers centre stage.
We wanted to create an atmosphere apart from the hectic environment of the trade fair, so the books were displayed as they would be in a well-used book shop to create a feeling of informality and approachability.
A giant red ‘Book Cube’ became a central landmark for the whole book fair, an open display case of new Russian Literature.